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R2 offers an extensive range of technical services and support including
Governance, Risk & Compliance.

Penetration Testing

R2 is ready to simulate high-impact security breaches to help organizations solve cybersecurity problems. R2 Technology Solutions provides both manual and automated testing, as well as white and black box testing to compromise endpoints, wireless networks, mobile devices, web application security and other potential points of exposure.

Big Data Development
& Analytics

Whether you are looking to build a scalable big data solution or integrate your data into analytics-ready systems, our professional team will help you maximize the return on your investment. R2’s engineers are focused on supporting big data operations and the application of cutting-edge analytics.

Web Application

Nowadays web applications become necessary and cost-effective tools due to the migration to cloud computing and web-based services. The challenge is that web applications increase the public attack surface, R2 provides organizations with visibility into the security of the web applications that store, transmit, or process their sensitive information. We will work with you to provide you a road map for remediation.

Government Risk &

R2 is ready to help you meet your regulatory and reporting requirements. We realize that securing the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data is a requirement for doing business, no longer just a security best practice. We offer comprehensive cybersecurity solutions across all aspects of the FISMA and HIPAA compliances: planning, assessing, implementing, reporting, maintaining and monitoring compliance.

Vulnerability Assessment

R2 assesses systems using vulnerability scanning tools and manual methods to identify and prioritize findings based on the criticality of system vulnerabilities. We scrub findings to eliminate false positives and prioritize risk based on existing security controls for your environment. We use authenticated scans wherever possible to reduce false positives and improve accuracy


R2 provides a gap assessment to determine the current baseline of Cloud Service Offerings as they relate to FedRAMP compliance.

Cloud Security

R2 helps customers navigate the transformation from traditional on-premise environments to the cloud securely, with the independent perspective required to minimize risk. Our professional team is experienced with designing to optimize cloud configurations and assessing various cloud architectures, focusing on security R2 supports Federal IT and Security teams to assess security postures within the elastic and obscure cloud environments specializing in FedRAMP implementations and mitigations of risk.

Social Engineering

Your employees can help secure your place at the top or drop you down the slope. R2 understands the risks, and we are ready to help you to assess your most vulnerable asset of your business – the employees. We offer professional consulting services to assist you in the assessment of your employees. R2 can help you to determine how vulnerable you are to a social engineering attack with the potential to breach your network, obtain your intellectual property, or gain physical access to your site.

Security Architecture
Consulting Services

R2 can assist you to ensure your security architecture and design can evolve in line with your current and future business goals and risk appetite. We will ensure network and system architectures include robust security controls to provide for defense-in-depth solutions.


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